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RNA Therapy in the News

Exciting News from @MIT!

14 July 2023 12:37 PM | Reese Teasley

We are thrilled to share that the faculty at MIT is spearheading a groundbreaking 3-year research program in collaboration with the FDA, with a remarkable $82 million investment. Their ambitious goal is to design the world's first fully integrated, continuous mRNA manufacturing platform.

This initiative represents a significant leap forward in the field of mRNA technology, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, scalability, and accessibility in vaccine production and therapeutics development. The potential impact on global health is immense!

As we continue to witness the remarkable power of mRNA in combating diseases, this program's vision aligns perfectly with the urgent need to accelerate manufacturing capabilities and streamline processes. By leveraging the expertise of MIT's renowned faculty, we are poised to revolutionize the way mRNA is produced and delivered.

Kudos to the visionary leaders, brilliant researchers, and dedicated teams at MIT for undertaking this groundbreaking endeavor. Your relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to improving human health are truly inspiring!

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we witness the progress and discoveries that will undoubtedly emerge from this program. Together, let's celebrate the incredible potential of science and collaboration!

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