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There are numerous ways to engage with the Society for RNA Therapeutics and make a difference in the field.

Whether you have a passion for research, education, or finance, you can get involved by joining one of our many committees. By becoming a part of our community, you can contribute to the advancement of RNA Therapeutics and help us achieve our mission. Discover how you can make an impact and elevate the field of RNA Therapeutics by joining a committee today. Please note that you must be a member to apply for a committee, become a Society for RNA Therapeutics membership today!

Communications Committee

Responsible for selection of an editor-in-chief for and oversight of the Society’s Journal, white papers and other formal publications of the Society.

Education Committee/Annual Meeting Program Committee

Responsible for the oversight of the Annual Meeting content and other educational programming the Society may present, such as webinars.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall monitor financial investments, work with an investment advisor under the guidance of the investment policy, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors with regard to fiscal policies. The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring financial responsibilities as outlined in policies and procedures. The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring and reviewing audit processes and reports and other such financial responsibilities as outlined in policies and procedures.

Industry Advisory Council

A group of select industry organization representatives participate in this body to provide input to the board of directors. (Those employed in commercial organizations may not serve on the board of directors.) A board member serves as liaison to the IAC.

Nominations & Governance Committee

The Nominating Committee shall, review and propose a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors. Remain mindful of the composition of the current Board and potential strategic additions for the future of the Board.

Organizational Outreach Task Force

Develop list of other organizations for collaboration or possible liaison.

Recognition Committee

Developing awards to recognize contributions to the field, contributions to the society and excellence in science.

Regulatory Roadmap Committee

A collaboration including academia, industry and regulatory bodies (FDA/EMA) to streamline clinical trials/end points

Standards & Guidelines Committee

Identifying gaps in knowledge and areas for standardization of best practices and consensus development, overseeing the development of materials.

Young Investigators Committee

Engaging young investigators, connecting for mentorship and learning, funding participation in conference and seed research, recognizing achievement.

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