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Top 10 Life Sciences Trends of 2022

15 March 2023 11:41 AM | Anonymous
In 2022, the Biopharma industry saw groundbreaking advances in several areas like - RNA therapeutics, gene editing, ADCs, LAG-3 inhibitors, and TYK-2 inhibitors

/ -- “Top 10 Life sciences trends in 2022”, a research report released recently by Healthark Insights focuses on the top trends that are shaping the future of the biopharma industry, amongst various innovations that are happening in the life sciences domain.

The Healthark Insights team tracked and captured 100+ significant trends in the life sciences and biopharma industry in 2022.

Biopharma is set to witness one of the biggest patent cliffs with several blockbuster drugs undergoing loss of exclusivity from 2023-2028, totaling around $200B in revenue loss” — Dr. Purav Gandhi 

We gathered key information for each trend such as focus area, novelty, lucrativeness, market interest, commercialization, etc. to understand the larger impact potential of each trend. Each trend was then given a weightage and rating based on two key criteria – (i) impact on the future of health and, (ii) ease of commercialization. The top 10 trends were identified on their scores and were analyzed further to understand their potential to bring about disruption in the Life Sciences industry.

Several emerging and novel therapies buzzed throughout the year 2022. RNA therapeutics, Gene editing, and ADC therapeutics garnered a lot of attention from biopharma, whereas novel therapies such as LAG-3 inhibitors and TYK-2 inhibitors came into the spotlight with first-in-class approvals in 2022.

RNA therapeutics with 850+ assets in the clinical pipeline in 2022 and increasing collaborations between big pharma and biotech have become an attractive class for the industry. Gene editing, on the other hand, gained sudden popularity after the pandemic with pouring investments and intense pipelines across a range of therapy areas. Antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) famously known as the magic bullet in cancer, after two decades of trial and error in R&D, have once again picked up interest from the industry and are poised to deliver a plethora of targeted drugs to treat a wide range of tumor types.

TYK2 inhibitors, a new class from the JAK family, is a promising avenue in immunology and have drawn the biopharma sector’s eyeballs due to their better safety profile and the possibility of oral RoA. LAG-3 inhibitors are the potential next big checkpoint inhibitor target filling a complex role in the immune system. There are heavy clinical pipelines with 165 active clinical trials on 38 drugs that are targeting LAG-3. BMS is leading the race in both categories with its first product approvals in these novel categories - Sotyktu as TYK-2 inhibitor and Opdualag as LAG-3 inhibitor.

Biopharma is set to witness one of the biggest patent cliffs with several blockbuster drugs undergoing loss of exclusivity from 2023-2028, totaling around >$200B in revenue loss. Due to this, a biosimilar boom is expected in this decade, especially driven by biosimilars for Humira. Regulatory support is also increasing in this area, with CMS permitting the substitution of interchangeable biosimilars. Congress’ Biosimilar user fee act (BsUFA) reauthorization will increase access and adoption of biosimilars.

It is also important to note that despite relaxation from covid-19 pandemic, the interest in decentralized clinical trials (DCT) not only persists among the biopharma but has also increased globally. Takeda leads the DCT trials suite with 33% of its total clinical trials being DCT in 2022.

You can read more of such interesting insights on “Top 10 Life sciences trends of 2022” by visiting the Healthark Insights website.

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